Where luxury and intelligence meet green.

About Us



We are not a large scale, cookie cutter home builder constructing hundreds of homes every year — and we never will be.  Instead, we choose to build highly customized, luxurious, certified green homes for clients or as a spec project.

At Green Luxury Homes, we are extremely sensitive to the economic value of your home, since it is the single most valuable asset most families ever purchase. Accordingly, we work to ensure that homes will maintain their value in the event that the owner chooses to relocate. This statement is supported by research which reveals that a green built home generates a premium resale value 8 to 10% higher relative to comparable homes in similar markets. Furthermore, green homes have been shown to sell faster than their traditional counterparts.

We are also keenly aware of the advantages of building in the geographically beautiful regions of McLean, North Arlington, Langley, and Great Falls, which offer positive resale value and nationally ranked public schools.  As a result, we seldom build outside of that radius, although we take special requests into consideration. We can build on property that you already own, help you find land to build on, or offer you one of our own newly built designer homes.



Where luxury and intelligence meet green.



In order to make our homes environmentally friendly and most beneficial to our customers, all of our homes are LEED certified. LEED-certified buildings are designed to:

• Lower operating costs and increase asset value
• Reduce waste sent to landfills
• Conserve energy and water
• Be healthier and safer for occupants
• Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions
• Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in hundreds of cities



We are motivated to use our collective intellect in order to design and build truly unique homes for our customers in an economically efficient manner. We work with our customers to determine their needs and budget for a home, and work within those parameters to deliver the most luxurious, energy efficient home possible at any given price.



A common misconception with green technology is that one must sacrifice luxury for efficiency and vice versa, but we have found that this is not the case. Rather, we believe that these two ideals can complement each other, and we implement this by using materials that increase a home's comfort while decreasing it's carbon footprint, such as automated preinstalled electronics, and insulation that maintains a consistent temperature while minimizing heating and cooling costs. Additionally, we use materials of the highest quality in all aspects of construction, leading to less maintenance cost, leading to less waste in landfills.